Visitor Regulations

Dear visitor,

Bruehl's Terrace is an architectural and landscaping monument .

In order to preserve it for future visitors, we request that the following regulations be adhered to.

Visitors enter the castle premises at their own risk. To the extent permitted by law, liability for any damage or harm is excluded. Walkways which are not gritted or cleared from snow are not open to the public. Parents are held liable for their children.

Visitors are absolutely not permitted:

  • to leave the walkways and step on the lawn
  • to use vehicles other than baby carriages or wheelchairs,
  • to damage, soil or remove any part of the building structure, plants or other installations,
  • to play ball or go on horseback,
  • to let dogs off-leash or to walk them on the long leash,
  • to bathe in the wells or let animals have a bath in them,
  • to perform music or play sound recorders without any written consent by the proprietor,
  • to trade, advertise, conduct collections or use it for any special purpose whatsoever without any written consent by the proprietor,
  • to use open fire or display fireworks without any written consent by the proprietor,
  • to picnic, to camp or to spend the night there,
  • to use cameras (still or video) for commercial purposes without any written consent by the proprietor.

Any person who fails to comply with these regulations may be asked to leave Bruehl's Terrace or denied any further access. Any abuse of the complex will be prosecuted. Any offences will be reported to the police.

On behalf of all visitors, we request everyone to observe the instructions by the staff of State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony or their authorized personnel. 


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